5Star Spotlight: Request for new service

The 5Star Service Center is a campuswide system where you can access knowledge base articles for self-help, submit service requests, find information related to technology interruptions and understand campuswide project status. To help you get familiar with the 5Star Service Center, we’re going to be highlighting new services here each week. 

There are many services offered already, from all areas across campus – from IT to Vehicle Reservations to Print Services. But, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request a new service! It’s easy. Just tell us what kind of help you’d like to be able to initiate on the 5Star Service Center and we’ll do all the research!

Fill out a Request for New Service online.

Open the 5Star Service Center. If you have questions, you can reach the Help Desk at lcc1@lcc.edu or x5221.