Experience #Starpower award winners include employees from around the college

Announcing the winners of the 2018-2019 Awards Showcase! This year’s winners are:

  • President’s Award: Tim Martz of Facilities
  • Provost’s Award – Teaching Faculty: Jack Rotman of Math
  • Provost’s Award – Teaching Faculty: Gretchen Arthur of Communication
  • Provost’s Award – Academic Professional: Tamara Tasker of Nursing
  • Galaxy Award: Katheryn Chiappelli of ITS
  • Aurora Award: Nina Favor of Nursing
  • Shining Star Award: Ashleigh Taylor of BCA
  • Superstar Award: Noah Crites of PPS
  • Rockstar Award: Justin Satterlee of the Adult Resource Center
  • Rising Star Award: Lyndia Rhadigan of Kinesiology, Health, and Wellness
  • Eclipse Award: Robert Fernholz of Performing Arts
  • Giving Star Award: Marcella Fuhr of Mental Health and Aging

Employees were nominated by you, their colleagues, for excellence and dedication to LCC. Keep an eye out for details to attend the Friday, April 19, luncheon to celebrate these amazing people.