Get ready to have your mind. blown.

The college is in the process of designing mind. blown., a project to promote student involvement with our support resources. The series is still in the conceptual stages, but it is meant to be fun, speaking directly to students using memes, gifs and a sense of humor.
In part, mind. blown. will include a large internal marketing component, using a mix of print and digital pieces to build student awareness of and interaction with support areas. For example, it will include a webpage, short videos for the digital screens around campus, radio slots, and a collectible series of cards, all of which refer students to a campus resource and provide essential life skills.
Additionally, the project will include events designed to build students’ skills in academic and non-academic areas. The first pop-up skill-builder event will be held 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Gannon Commons, behind the gaming area.
Future events could include activities like:

  • Speed friending
  • Pop-up skill-building booths with card collecting
  • Conversation booths with counselors and peers
  • Lunchtime Kahoot quizzes
  • Social media challenges

Have another creative idea? Get involved by contacting academic success coach director Carrie Gregg at

mind. blown. lives under the Achieve 360 umbrella. Initial partners include the academic success coaches, The Center for Student Support, CASE Credit Union, Career & Employment Services, the Learning Commons, the Library, and Student Life. It was born out of the college’s work on embedded academic support as a way to increase student success in the classroom by supporting students outside the classroom.