October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

For the past 13 years, the month of October has been used to advocate Cyber Security Awareness across the U.S.  LCC faces cyber threats every day. Our network is constantly probed for weaknesses, sometimes reaching over 100,000 attacks per day—that’s more than 1 attack per second. Similarly, LCC personnel receive emails and phone calls from criminals asking for our network credentials, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. The good news is that we have done an outstanding job minimizing the impact of cyber thieves. During the next few weeks, articles will give you information security tips relevant to your everyday life.

Don’t think that you’re a hacker’s target? Every LCC employee and student has access to valuable information, email resources and Banner credentials. By opening a phish email link (or attachment), your computer will be infected by a potential hacker who could extract all of our confidential information, costing LCC millions of dollars and lost reputation. Data breaches at both Board of Water and Light and Michigan State University have proven to be very costly to each organization.

Find a USB? Treat it as a syringe! You wouldn’t find a syringe in the parking lot, pick it up and inject it into yourself because you’re aware you could be infected. You have no knowledge of what could happen, but are afraid because it could be dangerous. This is exactly the same thing.

If you have questions or would like further information, contact the ITS Director of Information Security, Paul Schwartz at x5264 or schwarp1@lcc.edu.