A round of Applause! for Matthew Wilcox

This week, we’re applauding Matthew Wilcox of AV Services.

“Matt exemplifies a customer-first ideal.” said Anthony Greenburg, Page Smith, Matthew Boeve and David McCreight.  “For a recent event hosted by The Early College, Matt provided true 5-star service. He was only made aware of the event during the final hour, and he was able to set it up for us despite being given little warning. But Matt’s help does not stop there. Matt went above and beyond. Once he became aware that we were in need of additional attention and service, he rushed to our aid. He met all of our technical needs, ensured that everything was running smoothly, and did this all with a smile. And this all while our guests were enjoying their meals in the same room! No one noticed the sweat on our brows or the nervous looks on our faces. But there were no nerves for Matt. And once we realized that Mr. Wilcox had everything under control, from Display Port adaptors to microphones to lighting, our nerves melted away, too. Did I mention that Matt was supposed to have left for the day? Matt Wilcox epitomizes what we all need to be for our students, for our community, for each other: friendly customer servants. Thank you, Matt Wilcox, for your service, and for your generous kindness.”

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