Revised enrollment and withdrawal procedures for fall 2018

A letter from the provost:

Welcome to the fall semester! Some of you never left, and others have taken an extended break – either way, we are happy to begin another academic year with you.

First, let me apologize for the “last minute” nature of this letter clarifying the revised enrollment and withdrawal procedures for students this year. Details and decisions were still being made in collaboration with the Registrar’s office, Financial Aid, and Academic Affairs, and we are getting the information to you as soon as everything has been approved. Here is an overview of the changes.

Beginning with the fall semester, the college is revamping the processes to add students to or withdraw them from courses. This move is part of our embedded academic support initiative, designed to help all students succeed in college-level work.

The old add/drop form will be replaced with two separate processes.

Late Add Process
Students are no longer permitted to enroll after a class has begun. College data show students who enrolled after the start of a course consistently underperform their peers who have been in class from day one. This change was implemented summer 2018.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, students can fill out an online late enrollment form requesting to be added to a class. From that point:

1.   The request will come to the appropriate faculty member’s email. Faculty have the option to allow the student’s request to proceed or deny the late enrollment.

2.   If approved, the request will come to the division to check the student’s prerequisites and all other requirements for the class.

3.   Final approval on the student’s late enrollment must come from the dean. Students should not sit in classes for which they are not registered.

Please note, since this request will come to your LCC email, it is critical to check and respond with approval or denial of the student’s request.

Withdrawal Process
1.  Enrollment verification in the first two weeks of the class is 100 percent mandatory. This is not a new policy, but a reiteration. Your participation is critical to keeping the college in line with federal financial aid requirements, and I appreciate your cooperation.

2.  Other than through the enrollment verification process, faculty are not to unilaterally initiate a student withdrawal other than for the exceptions noted below. LCC is not officially designated as an attendance-taking institution by the Department of Education. If we drop students for failing to attend class, it gives the impression that we are an “attendance-taking institution.” If we give that impression, then we are obligated to follow the federal requirements for an attendance-taking institution.

Faculty in programs with licensure/accreditation requirements that mandate attendance-taking must still initiate a withdrawal. Faculty in those classes must drop students within 14 days of non-participation and should continue to use the current drop form. Please speak with your administrative supervisor if you have questions.

Faculty can initiate a withdrawal on behalf of a student in extenuating circumstances – such as illness, accident, or incarceration – where the student is unable to complete the drop process. In these cases the faculty should use the new administrative drop form. Please speak with your administrative supervisor if you have questions.

3.  Faculty should also not initiate the administrative withdrawal process for behavioral reasons. If there are concerns about obstacles to a student’s academic success, please encourage the student to get in touch with LCC Counseling Services or their academic success coach, or submit a success coach referral form at If there are concerns about a student’s behavior or the student is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, please submit a Behavior Intervention Team or Student Conduct Report. If you have immediate safety concerns, contact Police and Public Safety.

4.  Even though faculty will not be initiating withdrawals, “last date of participation” in an academically related activity must be tracked in D2L. Important: Faculty will be required to provide supporting documentation of the last day of participation for students who completely withdraw and/or fail their classes. Thus, it is critical that faculty keep accurate records in D2L and check their email frequently. Examples of this supporting documentation might be a gradebook entry for an assignment, a discussion post or an email exchange regarding course material. Again, your help with this particular matter assists both the student and college in granting financial aid.

NOTE: The student self-withdrawal process is not changing. Students should be encouraged to complete the withdrawal process via Banner Self-Service.

As these new processes come into place, please do not use the old/add drop forms any longer. The Registrar’s office cannot accept them.

Thank you, as always, for your assistance as we create better procedures that promote student success. If you have any questions, please talk with your administrative supervisor or contact me directly.

Take care,
Elaine Pogoncheff
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs