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Board of Trustees approves revised policies, purchase orders for learning materials

The Board of Trustees approved several revised college policies and purchase orders during its May 21 meeting.

The trustees approved:

  • A revised “Children on Campus” college policy.
  • A revised “Employee Personnel Files” college policy.
  • A revised “Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations” college policy.
  • A revised “Standards of Conduct” college policy.
  • A $240,000 blanket purchase order for a three-year contract with Kaplan Higher Education Corporation for National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) preparatory license tests. The purchase is funded by program course fees.
  • A combined total of $362,280 in one-time purchase orders to NCS Pearson Incorporated and McGraw Hill for textbooks and supplemental class materials for CHEM 151, CHEM 152, MATH 109, MATH 112, ACCG 210 and ACCG 211. The purchases are funded by program course fees.

The approved language for the revised policies is available in this month’s Board packet.

The Board also heard comments from several faculty members about the college’s accessibility project. Many of the individuals commented the July 2019 completion date was too soon, and it was unreasonable to ask faculty, especially adjuncts, to create accessible class materials without additional compensation. The Board members requested regular updates from the college on the project.

The Board will next meet at 6 p.m. Monday, June 18, in the Administration Building Boardroom. Everyone is welcome to attend.

In the news

Press clips from the week include:

Upcoming business seminars

Need Market Research? Ask a Business Librarian
Thursday, May 24
10-11:30 a.m., WCP 101

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at LCC is funded through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and LCC. The SBDC provides seminars and confidential consulting for businesses at all stages, from startups in need of financing to established businesses seeking help with growth strategies. All employees are welcome.

Be sure to check third-party software for accessibility

As you finalize your summer semester materials and get ready for fall, please take a moment to review your third-party software for accessibility.

Keep in mind that accessibility means content and instruction available electronically should also be available and useable by someone with a disability you can easily anticipate – mostly visual, hearing and movement impairments. Therefore, you should examine your third-party software for the following important accessibility factors:

  • Any information presented via audio must also be available via captions.
  • Any information presented via images must also be available via descriptive audio.
  • Keyboard controls – and not just mouse control – are available to use.

Please note: Anything using Flash is not accessible.

Does this mean that faculty must give up all such tools if they don’t meet these guidelines? Not necessarily. If you are faced with abandoning a tool students find helpful, the Center for Student Access and the Center for Teaching Excellence can help you develop choices (a principle of Universal Design for Learning) to ensure all students can participate fully in your course.

If you’re not sure if the third-party application you use in class is accessible, have a conversation with the vendor or developer.  Many application developers will have detailed accessibility summaries called Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (or VPATs) available either directly on their website or upon request. This can be a time-saving alternative to manually testing accessibility.

Summer Stage Under the Stars brings three exciting options

Mark your calendars for this year’s Summer Stage Under the Stars performances. All events are free!

  • June 20-24 at the LCC Outdoor Amphitheatre: “Treasure Island,” by L. Don Swartz, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, directed by Dr. John Lennox. This adaptation sticks to the heart of the novel, capturing on stage all the drama and excitement of this beloved classic. When an old drunken pirate, Billy Bones takes up residence at the Admiral Bow Inn, a rowdy seaside tavern frequented by pirates, sea hags and thieves, the inn keeper’s young son gains the key to a chest that holds a map to buried treasure. He and his friends set sail to recover the treasure and come up against the gnarly band of pirates led by Long John Silver.
  • July 18-22 at the LCC Outdoor Amphitheatre: “Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen,” by Kathryn Walat, directed by Paige Tufford. When wicked popular Vickie Martin joins the all-male math team, chaos theory becomes the rule at Longwood High School. Can this goddess of Pi possibly make the mathletes victorious? Totally.
  • July 24-27 at Dart Auditorium: “DANCE Lansing Summer Festival.” This exciting annual event delights audiences with four nights of new choreography by a diverse collection of area choreographers and dancers. DANCE Lansing presents the latest in contemporary dance and creates performance and development opportunities in a supportive community for area choreographers and dancers. The collaboration is founded by partners Happendance and LCC Performing Arts, and now includes associates Everett High School Dance Program, Greater Lansing Academy of Dance, Greater Lansing Ballet Company, Keys To Creativity Lansing Mall, Lansing Lugnuts, MSU Department of Theatre, and MSU Orchesis.

All performances begin at 7 p.m. For more information, contact the Performing Arts Production Office at x1488.

Full- and part-time support staff, save the date!

On June 15, LCC will once again welcome Terry Howard to campus to present tips to help support staff handle interpersonal conflicts at work, especially conflicts that arise from cultural differences.

Culture can mean so many things and impacts life in different ways in different situations. Join Terry as she facilitates the discussion to help smooth any bumps you might experience. This topic was chosen based on feedback from participants who attended Terry’s presentation last year.

Terry Howard is the senior director of FEI, LCC’s employee assistance program. She has experience offering executive leadership in business continuity and crisis management with Fortune 500 companies. Her strengths include supervision, leadership, maximizing relationships and communications.

We are excited to offer Terry’s presentation twice on June 15. They will begin at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Work with your supervisor to choose the one which best fits with your schedule.

Log into the Talent Management System to sign up for your selected session. To log on to the Talent Management System, log on first to myLCC and select the “Work” tab. In the column on the right side of the screen, select “Talent Management System.”

Academic Senate hosts student panel in final meeting of academic year

The Academic Senate hosted a panel of eight LCC students during its final regular meeting of the 2018-19 school year.

The students brought a diversity of LCC experiences to the panel. Three students had gone through the Early College and three were involved in the High School Diploma Completion Initiative, or HSDCI. Several students were recent graduates, having celebrated at commencement the night before the Senate meeting. One student had come to LCC to learn English and is now working in the Learning Commons tutoring students in writing.

Students were asked which resources have been most useful to them in their time at the college. Many cited the success coaches, Learning Commons and Writing Center. Most stated they learned about available resources from a success coach, mentor, orientation or faculty member.

Several students also talked about how LCC provided them with a chance to succeed when they had previously struggled. In particular, the Early College and HSDCI students talked about how high school was not a good fit for them, but the community and mentoring provided by LCC was key to their success. The student who came to LCC to learn English said he initially didn’t trust anyone or want to communicate, but now “sees LCC as family.”

After general questions from the moderator, senators had an opportunity to ask questions of the entire panel. Each student then sat at a table with a group of senators for further discussion and lunch.

Senators agreed it would be helpful to host regular student panels during meetings.

The Senate plans to hold a summer meeting 9-11 a.m. Friday, July 13, in the Administration Building Boardroom. Check the Monday operations emails for confirmation of that date.

Megan Lin announced as new Center for Teaching Excellence director

Dear campus colleagues,

I am happy to announce Megan Lin has been selected to fill the Center for Teaching Excellence director position, effective July 1, 2018.

Megan has been a professor at LCC since 2009, teaching Reading and Writing courses. She is currently the Integrated Read/Write Program Faculty Co-Chair; the Reading Program Faculty Chair; and the INRW Course Coordinator. She has been an active participant in several institutional committees, including Academic Senate, Gateways to Completion, Guided Pathways, Student Advisory Committee and the Embedded Academic Support Team. She has also presented at several state and national conferences.

Megan has a Master of Arts in Reading and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Michigan University.

We thank Leslie Johnson for her four years of devoted service to faculty development as the CTE director. She will be returning to her teaching duties along with special assignments that will keep her involved with CTE projects.

Please give Megan a warm welcome to her new position. We look forward to her leadership in the CTE.

Elaine Pogoncheff
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

A&S Building to be renumbered this month

The Arts & Sciences Building will be renumbered this month to make it easier to find classrooms and meeting spaces.

This change follows the Gannon Building’s renumbering last year, and will help ensure our campus is intuitive in design and easy to navigate. The change will take place beginning the week of May 14, and the work will be done by our print shop, ITS department and other internal employees.

Each room will have a four-digit number. The first number will denote the floor of the room – 0 for the basement, 1 for first floor, and so on. The next three numbers will progress from north to south through the building, with the 1100s (and 2100s, etc.) indicating the northernmost rooms, 1200s the middle of the building, and 1300s the southernmost rooms.

Please reference the building map and crosswalk to find the new numbers of existing spaces.

Printers, phones and all other technology have to be updated at the same time. We appreciate your patience with any technical glitches as this changeover occurs.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Cyndi Rooker at or x9701.