A&S Building to be renumbered this month

The Arts & Sciences Building will be renumbered this month to make it easier to find classrooms and meeting spaces.

This change follows the Gannon Building’s renumbering last year, and will help ensure our campus is intuitive in design and easy to navigate. The change will take place beginning the week of May 14, and the work will be done by our print shop, ITS department and other internal employees.

Each room will have a four-digit number. The first number will denote the floor of the room – 0 for the basement, 1 for first floor, and so on. The next three numbers will progress from north to south through the building, with the 1100s (and 2100s, etc.) indicating the northernmost rooms, 1200s the middle of the building, and 1300s the southernmost rooms.

Please reference the building map and crosswalk to find the new numbers of existing spaces.

Printers, phones and all other technology have to be updated at the same time. We appreciate your patience with any technical glitches as this changeover occurs.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Cyndi Rooker at rookerc@lcc.edu or x9701.