Five-Star Service Center offers many resources from across campus

Visit the Five-Star Service Center at to get assistance from many departments across campus:

  • IT – for services like:
    • PC Tech Assistance – computer issues, software needs, etc.
    • Level One Helpdesk Support – Chat for help, call, email your questions and request Guest Accounts
    • Telecom & Networking – Phone request or repair, Wifi assistance
    • Classroom Services – AV equipment repair, instructional bunker, etc.
    • Media Creation & Design Services – Campus recordings, lecture/capture
    • Security – AUP website blockage
  • eLearning – for all of your course management needs:
    • D2L – Rostering, cross-listing, faculty access, etc.
    • Course design assistance
  • Finance – to get help with:
    • Argos report requests
    • Dynamic forms requests
    • Marketplace store requests
  • Facilities – to request such things as:
    • Mailings and envelopes
    • Building maintenance – leaky toilet, lightbulb replacement, HVAC needs, etc.
    • Vehicle checkouts
  • Marketing – if you need:
    • Photography
    • Website modifications
    • Event promotion
    • And more to come soon
  • Campuswide project requests
  • And more department services being added every day

ALSO – Visit the Knowledgebase section while you’re there! You can find information for self-help services such as:

  • Office 365 for students
  • VPN
  • Mapping networking drives and printers
  • First-time system log-ins and account activation

Plus – We are happy to research and add articles for addition to the knowledgebase. Just let us know what you need