Board approves 2018-19 course fees, receives updates on financial forecast and tutoring

The Board of Trustees approved 2018-19 course fees, heard an update on the college’s two-year financial forecast, and asked questions about students’ experiences with in-person and online tutoring during its Feb. 19 meeting.

The Board approved course fee recommendations for new courses as well as course fee change recommendations for existing courses. Financial Services and the academic divisions coordinate to assess appropriate course fees for each class. You can find the full list of course fees in this month’s Board packet.

During the meeting, Chief Financial Officer Don Wilske provided trustees with information about the college’s two-year financial forecast. The forecast is continuously adjusted based on new information, but Wilske said the college will have a balanced budget for fiscal year 2019. This is based on a projected 2.6 percent increase in state appropriations, 2 percent increase in property taxes, 3 percent increase in enrollment, $2 tuition increase and a student fee increase. On the expense side, salaries and benefits to employees are expected to rise by 2.5 percent based on current contracts, and services and supplies costs to rise by 3.6 percent. In fiscal year 2020, the college currently is projecting a $2 million deficit, primarily due to no forecasted change in tuition rates.

In addition, trustees asked about the student experience using the Brainfuse online tutoring option as well as the college’s in-person tutoring services. While Brainfuse includes a survey that captures student feedback after tutoring, in-person tutoring currently does not have any method for surveying student feedback. Trustee Andrew Abood asked if in-person tutoring had enough space and time for all students who wanted to access the service, and employees answered not during peak usage times.

Finally, the Board approved:

  • A $2.54 million increase in the amount available for the Business and Community Institute to hire subject matter experts for its instructor pool. The additional funds are needed to support BCI’s increased number of trainings.
  • A renewal of the previously established lease agreement with the City of Lansing for 150 parking spaces in the North Capitol parking ramp. The rate for 2018 parking permits will be $78.50 per parking space each month, and the 2019 parking permits will be $79.50 per parking space each month. This is lower than the public permit rate of $93 per parking space each month.

The Board will next meet Monday, March 19, in the Administration Building Boardroom. Everyone is welcome to attend.