Another round of Open Educational Resources Award Program opens

LCC is pleased to announce the third round of the OER Award Program to support teaching faculty in adopting, adapting and creating OER in their courses.

The cost of textbooks has become a significant barrier to student success and learning. The primary goal of the OER award program is to reduce educational costs for students by providing free or low-cost materials available from day one of their class. Another goal is to encourage faculty exploration and innovation in finding new, better and less costly ways to deliver learning materials to students.

The OER Award Committee has approved funding support to 68 faculty teaching in 27 courses since the OER Award Program launched in fall 2017 semester. With a total award amount of $104,500, savings to students for these OER courses is $1,135,622.50.

Now on its third round, faculty applicants are invited to submit proposals in any of these categories:

  • Category 1: Adoption of existing OER material
  • Category 2: Revision or remix of existing OER material and/or creating new supplement material
  • Category 3: Creation and development of new OER materials

Faculty will be paid between $200 for adopting OER already being used in other LCC classes and $3,000 for creating new open textbooks and applicable accompanying materials. Teams can work together to create materials.

For more information, including the timelines, deadlines and application forms, visit the “OER Award Program” tab of the OER Research Guide at

For more information regarding application process including project consultation, please contact OER project manager Regina Gong at or x1663.