LCC hosts IT faculty training event

The Computer Information Technology program recently hosted 20 IT faculty from around the country for a training event at West Campus called “Working Connection North.” The event, which was offered at no cost to IT faculty, was funded by the Convergence Technology Grant that LCC has been a partner in for 10 years.

The goal of Working Connections was to provide attendees with the expertise needed to teach their respective track in a subsequent semester, bringing the most current information to their classrooms either as a stand-alone course or as supplemental information to an existing course. This year’s training focused on “Teaching the Internet of Things” and the Python programming language. Attendees received 4.5 days of hands-on training. In addition, lunchtime sessions included learning about Cisco’s new Internet of Things courseware, touring the Center for Manufacturing Excellence and discussing the future effects of the Internet of Things on the world.

The event was organized by faculty member Brian Nelson and CIT lead support Lindsay Luoma, with support from LCC’s events and communications coordinator and the National Convergence Technology Center at Collin College in Frisco, Texas.