College reviewing classes that can meet core, general education requirements

LCC is updating which courses will be accepted as part of general education core.

This update will review new courses added to the college’s offerings in the past decade. Courses currently considered part of general education core will remain part of general education core.

LCC is committed to ensuring students in associate degree pathways gather a common, core set of skills and understanding in mathematics, global perspectives and diversity, science, speech communication, and writing. However, in the last decade, we have not re-examined which classes can meet those core requirements.

By April 10, each division should recommend courses that fit the established core guidelines. If you teach or know of a class you believe to be a good fit for core, please contact your dean or their designee.

After April 10, CORE Teams formed around each of the five areas of core will review the applications. They will make their recommendations to the Curriculum Committee, which will review and submit recommendations to the Academic Senate for approval.

Once Academic Senate approves recommendations, they will go to the Provost or his designee for final sign-off.

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