New all-employee email process to launch after spring break

To help cut down on the number of emails we receive each week without cutting necessary information, LCC is trying out a new all-employee email process. Beginning after spring break, you’ll receive two all-employee emails each week:

  • The Star. The all-employee newsletter will continue to come out 6:30 a.m. every Thursday. This is your best source for recaps of important meetings, features about interesting events happening around campus, helpful information for employees and other “nice to know” information. All employees are invited to submit content for inclusion by emailing Karen Tommasulo at by 5 p.m. Tuesdays.
  • Operations email. This new all-employee email will come out each Monday around lunchtime, beginning after spring break. It will be a weekly round-up of announcements related to the procedural business of college employees – think Human Resources reminders, parking information, time sheet instructions, job postings and other similar announcements. The emails will come from

Additionally, you might receive three other types of emails on special or emergency occasions:

  • Special operations email. This will also come from for procedural topics of such importance that we could all use a reminder.
  • Board of Trustees announcements. You will receive a link to the Board of Trustees packet prior to each month’s meeting from
  • Star Alerts and Emergency Star Alerts. These emails will be reserved for timely threats to our health and safety – things like hazardous weather, building or campus closures, or suspicious persons on campus. If you see a Star Alert, make sure you read it soon. If you see an Emergency Star Alert, stop what you are doing and read it immediately. Emergency Star Alerts will be connected to the RAVE system, so you can also receive notifications by text message, personal email or voicemail by signing up online.

This new format has several advantages:

  • You’ll get fewer emails each week. That’s something we can all celebrate!
  • You’ll be better able to manage and sort your inbox. Since all your procedural emails about time cards, job postings, benefits etc. will come from the same place, you’ll be able to search your emails for “operations” and find everything you need to know.
  • Star Alerts and Emergency Star Alerts will be reserved for timely threats to our health and safety, making it easier to know when you need to drop what you’re doing to check your email.

We hope this will be a positive change for everyone! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact internal communications coordinator Karen Tommasulo at