Lansing BWL warns of phone scam

The Lansing Board of Water & Light has received several reports of scams threatening both residential and commercial customers with loss of service if they do not make a utility payment over the phone.

The scam calls show up on caller I.D. from 866-289-2570. At the start of the call, the scammers have recorded the BWL’s automated customer service message. When prompted, the customer is connected to a person identifying themselves as the BWL and requesting immediate payment to keep service connected.

BWL customers are never asked by BWL customer service representatives for credit card information over the phone or in person, or to make payments through a wire service like Western Union or Money Gram. BWL customers have the option of “customer-initiated” credit card payments through a secure Intranet site or secure automated voice payment system.

This scam has been reported to the Lansing Police Department and the BWL is monitoring the situation. If customers do fall victim, they are urged to contact local law enforcement.