September issue of Student Health 101 now available

student health 101

The September issue of Student Health 101 is now available, and it’s not just for students! It’s got great advice for employees too, and student feedback routinely asks faculty and staff promote the newsletter to students, when appropriate. If you’d like to talk about how you can use Student Health 101 in your classroom, contact Amy Stoakes at or Mari Croze at

In this issue:

  • Better U – Mind your Mind, Ask the Experts, app of the Month
  • UCookbook – Overnight Oats
  • 20 things we wish we’d known sooner
  • The student guide to going out
  • Commuter student? How to feel at home on campus
  • Your fall fitness fix – How & why to make it happen
  • The no-burnout guide to busy
  • Feel like an imposter – How to own your awesome