Women’s Literature Read-In Schedule


Sponsored by the LCC English Programs

Monday, March 28, 2016

3rd Floor TLC Library


11:10-12 noon     Children’s Literature Readers

Teresa Purvis, LCC Faculty, from the Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder


12:00-12:10 p.m.  Tonjala Eaton


12:10-12:20 p.m.  Robin Pizzo, Project Director, from her writing My Bra Is Trying to Kill Me & Other Crosses Women Have to Bear!


12:20-12:25 p.m.  Alex Zevada, ENGL 122, reading lines from Frida Kahlo


12:25-12:45 p.m.  Linda Peckham, retired LCC faculty, “Huaraches”, a memoir


12:45-1:20 p.m.    ENGL 122, reading Susan Glaspell’s One-Act Play “Trifles”


Stage Directions: Sarah Innes

George Henderson (County Attorney): Erin Rasho

Henry Peters (Sheriff): Chris Gustafson

Lewis Hale: Joshua Burroughs

Mrs. Hale: Brittany Welsh

Mrs. Peters: Hannah Lindahl


1:20-1:30 p.m.      Pamela Tobin, Instructor for Youth Programs, LCC East


1:30-1:40 p.m.      Jennifer Hood, LCC faculty, from “The Body Politic in Judith                                       Butler’s Gender Troubles


1:40-1:45 p.m.      Bokhali Tashtanova, ENGL 122, reading “Babushka”


1:45-2:00 p.m.      Rosalie Petrouske, LCC faculty, from her essay “Lost in                                       Solitude”


2:00-2:10 p.m.      Nan Jackson, LCC faculty, writer


2:10-3:00 p.m.      Kim Steele, LCC faculty, “Irish Women of the Easter Rising”


3:00-3:10 p.m.      Lance Norman, LCC faculty, reading from Dorothy Parker


3:10-4:00 p.m.      Joseph A. Warren, retired LCC Faculty, “Feisty First Ladies”


4:00-4:10 p.m.      Leslie Johnson, LCC Faculty


4:10-4:30 p.m.      Susan Serafin-Jess, LCC Faculty, poet


4:30-4:50 p.m.      Dedria Humphries, LCC Faculty, reading her fiction


5:00-6:00 p.m.      Author Kristine E. Brickey, from her novel They Said She                                   Was Crazy. Kristine Brickey will also discuss her writing process and sign copies of her books.