One God, Three Faiths – February 2 Listen and Learn Lecture – One Book #OneLCC

One God, Three Faiths
Tuesday, February 2 | 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. | 3rd floor, Library
Presented by Dr. Nancy Weatherwax, LCC Humanities Faculty

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share common roots and basic values. However, history demonstrates persecution, prejudice, and intolerance from differences both between and within these religions. Only by exploring the world’s religions with open minds can we acquire a greater awareness of and appreciation for their diversity and unity. Full classes welcome.

Come explore both the common ground and some of the differences with Dr. Nancy Weatherwax at this Listen and Learn lecture. Dr. Weatherwax teaches religious studies and humanities at LCC and is currently a research affiliate of the Religious Studies Department at Albion College. She holds a PhD from Vanderbilt University and has taught at several academic institutions including Luther College, Western Michigan University, and Albion College.