CAMPUS FOOD DRIVE!! Stars Helping Stars Student Food Pantry and Operation 100%

Update: Through our partnership with the LCC Foundation, we now have a space for financial giving to the LCC Stars Helping Stars Student Food Pantry:

Additionally, monetary donations can be dropped off at the LCC Foundation office.

The LCC Foundation has generously supported this project with $500.00 to get us started.

We move forward kicking off a campus partnership, which we hope to expand to include additional areas across campus, with a November food drive which will run from Tuesday November 10 to Wednesday November 25 (but of course, items are always welcome).

LCC Foundation, Support Specialist Laurie Bates and her team in Campus Resource for Student Support (see details below), West Campus, and Operation 100% are partnering to build our new Stars Helping Stars Food Pantry.

We are asking LCC employees to drop off any of the following listed non-perishable items to Stars Helping Stars Food Pantry, located at the Campus Resources desk in the StarZone in Gannon. Food can be dropped in the marked area near the Campus Resources desk between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Thursday and Friday 8:00 – 3:00. When you drop off items, be sure to pick up an Operation 100% lapel button as well (buttons are ordered and should be available the week of Nov. 16).

The Stars Helping Stars Student Food Pantry at Lansing Community College was invented by long time LCC employee Laurie Bates, Support Specialist, Campus Resource for Student Support and Jessica Gordon, Interim Director of Support Services. During Laurie’s time at LCC she has worked with thousands of students and seen a need among our students for help in challenging times. Additionally, a recent Chronicle article outlines the problem of student hunger at college campuses, stating: “Whether you’re at Columbia or you’re at a community college, there will always be people struggling to make ends meet” (Kolowich, 3 Nov. 2015). A recent NPR State of Opportunity article shares that Michigan leads the nation in the establishment of campus food banks (

On our campus, since the start of Fall 2015 semester, Laurie Bates and her team in the Student Support Department, including Carrie Gregg, Coordinator for Fostering Stars, and Lisa Haston, Interim Coordinator of Women’s Resource/Returning Adult Program, began the food pantry and have already served five students. Laurie has wanted to start this project for at least 10 years, and invested a great deal of her own personal time conducting the research to get this initiative off the ground. Operation 100% is pleased to partner with this team to further help strengthen and promote our LCC Stars Helping Stars student food pantry.

If you know of LCC students in need, simply refer them to the Campus Resource desk in the StarZone on campus where they can be assisted. Hours of operation are listed above.

Look for further updates in The Star and MyLCC.


What we accept (in order of preference):

Please remember that many food items require added ingredients to complete. Chances are a student will not have the milk and butter to add to mac & cheese or the egg and milk for the pancake mix. Choose items that require no ingredients or only requires water as an added ingredient, whenever possible.

1. Protein-rich items (Canned meats, complete tuna fish packets, hearty soups, peanut butter, etc.)
2. Complete meals in non-perishable forms (microwavable meals, mac and cheese (deluxe), boxed complete meals, canned chili, stews)
3. Bags of dry beans
4. Breakfast items (Cereal, Pop Tarts, Oatmeal, breakfast bars, etc.)
5. Canned tomatoes & tomato sauce
6. Instant rice and pasta side dishes (require only water)
7.Instant potatoes (boxed)
8. Packages of dried fruit
9. Broth or stock (chicken, beef, vegetable)
10. Canned fruits and vegetables
11. Cans of juice (tomato, apple, etc.)
12. Dry Milk
13. Crackers
14. Peanut butter in plastic jars
15. Jelly/Jam in plastic jars
16. Small boxes of raisins
17. Hot Chocolate packets
18. Apple Sauce
19. Pudding cups
20. Jell-O (boxes)


Complete meal ideas:

Tuna Noodle Casserole (canned tuna, bag of noodles, Cream of Mushroom soups, and any other ingredients you prefer to make the casserole, such as peas)

Spaghetti Dinner (Pasta, large can of Spaghetti sauce, Parmesan cheese)

Pancake/Waffle mix (only needs water to make), syrup


Please– we do not accept:

Glass items

Homemade items

Perishable items

We also accept personal items, such as:

Disposable razors

Shaving cream

Toilet paper


Disposable wipes

Tooth brushes

Tooth paste (we have a few of the travel size Crest)

Full size containers of the following (we have had many of the travel size already donated will take more if you have them):


Hair conditioner

Body lotion