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10 Minutes to a Better Library Website


Help improve the Library website in just 10 minutes!

We are conducting what’s called a card sort to improve the way our website is organized. What’s a card sort you ask?

A card sort is a design technique that asks users (that would be you) to sort a list of “things” into various categories. In our card sort you’ll be sorting things you might find on our website into categories. We’ve supplied some categories, but you can also create your own categories, rename ours, and even delete our categories.

What we’ll end up with depends on you. We have ideas of our own, but what we really need is to know how you think our site should be organized.

So, get out there and sort our site! We really appreciate it 🙂

Gannon Building Radiates with #starpower as Services Move Back in

Gannon Renovation

There’s movement going on.  And it’s happening in new and exciting spaces at Lansing Community College.

From late June through July, LCC’s Student Affairs Division will start moving their offices from their temporary locations into the renovated Gannon Building. Plans are underway to unveil the phenomenal spaces and services before Fall Semester.

“We’re moving back in to Gannon in phases,” says Tanya McFadden, interim dean of Student Affairs. “We’ll continue to provide services in our temporary homes across campus, but we’re building up to a spectacular roll-out with us all in one space.”

That roll-out will include a fresh approach to providing core student services like admissions, enrollment, registration, academic advising, and counseling—one that is as inspiring and state-of-the-art as the new Gannon.

“Every decision we’ve made points to maximizing student success,” says Richard Prystowsky, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Everything we do aims to ensure students have a great experience and feel proud to be part of LCC.”

The stage for that experience is set by the transformation of the Gannon Building into a downtown destination with an avant-garde glass exterior and stunning interior spaces. Swooping ceilings, arches, industrial-feel staircases and open spaces create an environment that powers inclusion, collaboration and discovery.

“It’s the kind of experience you would expect at high-end architectural sites in Chicago and other metropolitan areas,” says Prystowsky. “The community will instantly recognize the first-class level of what we’re doing.”

Modern spaces rich with technology and light will wow students coming through the door. Within moments, customer service reps will greet students, initiate services through iPads, and guide them to specialty areas for service-on-the-spot. Students will also encounter large, interactive touch-screens for navigating services or for accessing infinite details about the College.

“There are no counters and no wait times,” says McFadden. “And no one should ever have to take a number. It’s all built on the Disney Institute model of service—which is considered the gold standard in the world of customer service.”

The redesigned Gannon will also feature a dynamic student commons area and a brand new food court with national vendors, fresh and holistic foods, and a coffee shop. Quiet study rooms are wired with the latest technology, and students can explore clubs, events, and student life through unique activity areas. A spirit shop stocked with collegiate supplies and LCC apparel rounds out the mix.

“The more students feel engaged with and satisfied with their college, the better chance they have for success,” says Prystowsky. “Our president, Dr. Brent Knight, has given us the vision of a ‘college like no other.’ This exciting renovation and our new service philosophy puts us at the head of the pack in terms of who we are and what we offer at LCC.”

To learn more about the Gannon Building renovations visit View renovation photos here.

New VPN Client (Updated)


The Information Technology Services Division will be retiring our old Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution on June 30, 2014.

The replacement VPN solution has been available to employees for over a year and the vast majority of VPN users are already using it.  This solution enables employees to securely access College resources from off campus that are not Internet accessible.  Examples of these resources are Internet Native Banner (INB), Fleetwood (your H, N and O drives), and FILE-CS1 (R and Y drives).  VPN use is not required when accessing web based applications such as myLCC, Banner Self Service, Desire2Learn, or Office 365 email and calendars.

PC users can check your VPN client version by clicking Start > All Programs > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

If you see the icon entitled “Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client” you have the new VPN client:

MAC users can use the following link to access instructions for checking the version of the client:  MAC users will see the same Cisco AnyConnect icon as seen above.

If you do not have the new VPN client, installation instructions can be found here:

The client can be installed from off campus locations or on campus using the Guest wireless network.

Please contact LCC’s Help Desk for further assistance ( or 517-483-5221).

Kevin Bubb


Lansing Community College


Introduction to Lync


As part of the college’s migration to Microsoft Office 365 we have a much improved email and calendar system, an improved voicemail system and a new product called Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync is the new communication software that LCC will utilize to help employees commuicate through instant messages. With Lync 2013, which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite 2013 for Windows, or Lync for Macintosh, you will be able to collaborate with coworkers through “Instant Messaging”, “Computer to Computer Voice Calling” and “Video Chat” (Microphone, Web Cam and Speakers may be required). In addition, Lync will allow you to hold web conferences, utilize desktop sharing and share white boards.

With the help of Human Resources Organizational Development, an introduction to Lync training has been developed and made available on the Learning Management System.

To access the Lync 2013 training:

  • Log onto myLCC
  • Navigate to the Work Tab and in the Employee eToolbox, click on “Learning Management System”
  • Log into the Learning Management System, and under LMS Links, click on “Other Available Trainings”
  • In the list of other trainings, you will find “Lync 2013 Training” 

This training is intended to be an introduction on how to use Lync. We will be adding additional training for some of the more advanced features in the future.

If your computer does not yet have the Lync 2013 client or the client for Macintosh installed, please contact the LCC Help Desk for assistance.

  • Email the LCC Help Desk at
  • Call the LCC Help Desk at (517) 483-5221 

Thank you,

Kevin Bubb

CIO – Lansing Community College