Academic Adviser Rafeeq McGiveron Publishes Book

In February, Rafeeq McGiveron of the Academic Advising Center released his novel, a sizeable piece of literary fiction titled Student Body. Sensual, poignant, and introspective, the tale is a frank and intimate character study of hubris, desire, and yet also devotion. Witty and allusive and lyrical, filled with sensitivity and selfishness and self-reproach, the novel explores life and death and guilt and redemption in the setting of graduate school at a large Midwestern university, circa 1993. Student Body is available as either paperback or Kindle on Amazon, with copies for sale at the Hole in the Hall as well.

Rafeeq also has written some two-dozen articles of literary criticism over the years, and most recently he served as volume editor for a scholarly text titled Critical Insights: Fahrenheit 451, a collection of new essays on various topics of the late Ray Bradbury’s most famous book. For this he recruited over a dozen scholars from all around the world, wrote about 10,000 words for, and also edited the entire book for Salem Press of Massachusetts, while Tim Kelley of LCC’s English Department contributed a chapter as well. Published in December of 2013, this volume is available at, among other educational institutions, LCC’s library.