Important Information Regarding Final Grades Reporting

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

It has come to my attention that some faculty members may not be recording information about the last date of attendance (LDA) for students who receive a “W” because they officially withdrew from a class or for students who receive a 0.0 because they stopped attending/participating (that is, these students unofficially withdrew from the class).  This is important information.  Among other things, it can have a significant impact on a student’s eligibility for financial aid, both retroactively and prospectively.  We need your help in making sure that this information is captured in College records.

When you award a final grade of 0.0 or a W to a student, please be sure that you record the student’s last date of attendance. You should be able to enter this information easily in Banner when you record grades. Your recording the LDA for the students in question would make the information readily available for a variety of purposes.  If you have trouble recording the information in Banner, please contact the Help Desk by phone (x5221) or email (

If you do not take attendance in your classes, please record your best estimate of the last date on which the student attended or actively participated in your class. This date might be the last date on which the student turned in an assignment, for example, or the last date the student participated in an in-class activity.

On behalf of the College, I give you my sincerest thanks for your kind help with this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

With all best wishes,

Dr. Richard J. Prystowsky
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Lansing Community College
8100 – Provost’s Office
P.O. Box 40010
610 N. Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI  48901-7210

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