ITS launches the new Account Activation and Management (AAM) application!

As first announced in a Star Alert on Tuesday, Nov 26th, ITS has replaced the old “Claim your account and Password reset” application with the new AAM application.  This application is now live!

All LCC users (Students, Faculty, Staff) will use the new AAM application to …

    • Activate their new TUID
    • Reset the password for their TUID
    • Select and set up a recovery method (either email or challenge questions)


What You Need to Do?

  • Please take 2 minutes right now and follow this link to the AAM application and set up your recovery method
    • Note
      • Your previous challenge questions will NOT be migrated over to the new AAM application
      • The AAM Recovery Method can ONLY be set when you know your TUID and Password; hence, it is important that you set this up now!



Please contact the LCC Help Desk at or 517-483-5221


P.S.  As typical, ITS does not recommend bookmarking links to individual LCC applications and services as they may change from time to time.  Instead, accurate links will always be made available in locations where you would most likely need to use them (e.g. off of our Single-Sign-in Login page), or on an appropriate tab in myLCC.  So, if you ever have an issue with a link not working to get to an LCC application or service, please use the link provided in these locations instead.  If you are still having issues, then please contact the LCC Help Desk.

Thank you,



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