ITS introduces the new Account Activation and Management application!

What’s Changing?

New accounts and account changes will be processed as soon as they occur

  • Technology changes are being implemented that will eliminate the batch process running every 4 hrs, and will now process adds/changes in near “real-time”
  • At times, processing of account adds / changes may slow down due to high volume, such as the opening of registration time slots, but will return to processing as they occur once the heavy load has past 

“Claim your account” will henceforth be known as “Activate your account

  • All web users have become very comfortable with the meaning of the phrase “activate your account”
  • The new phraseology will be updated and included in LCC documents, videos, and web pages as each is edited over time 

All LCC users (Students, Faculty, Staff) will use the new AAM application to

  • Activate their new TUID
  • Reset the password for their TUID
  • Select and set up a recovery method (either email or challenge questions)

Why the Change?

  1. We are upgrading some backend technology, and the current application will not run in the new environment
  2. The current application is outdated in look, feel, and functionality
  3. AAM has a modern look and feel that web users expect, has more functionality, and is highly intuitive and easy to use
  4. Implementation of AAM will set the stage for additional functionality to be released in the future that will further aid LCC users in managing their TUIDs

When will the Change Take Place?

  1. ITS is in the process of implementing the new AAM application this week
  2. Users will be able to go to the new AAM application starting on Monday, Dec 2, 2013 at 8 am; an additional communication will be sent out (and posted in myLCC & D2L) with the link to the new AAM application when it is available

What You Need to Do?

  • When you receive the next communication containing the link to the AAM application (or see this posted in myLCC / D2L), please take 2 minutes and follow the link to the AAM application and set up your recovery method
    • Note
      • Your previous challenge questions will NOT be migrated over to the new AAM application
      • When you see the next communication containing the link to the AAM application, please follow this link and set up your recovery method
      • The AAM Recovery Method can ONLY be set when you know your TUID and Password; hence, it is important that you set this up now!


Please contact the LCC Help Desk at or 517-483-5221

Feedback on ITS Systems?

I always look forward to feedback on our systems from our users.  If you don’t have a question on AAM, but rather want to provide feedback on this, or any other IT system LCC provides, please send those comments to me at


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